Episode 34

In this episode Zac and Casey talk about wood turning rings, how best to clean vacuum chambers of Cactus Juice, UV resin, and more!

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One comment on “Episode 34

  1. MIKE NAVARRE says:

    Hey Zac and Casey! Listening to all this talk about ring making made me want to drop a line and let you both know that I am a ring maker and resin caster, among other things, and I specialize in the bentwood ring method were you wrap the wood veneer. I have a couple videos on my youtube channel making these rings in detail. I inlay guitar strings and incorporate a copper tube as a band. I finish my rings with AlumiUV UV Resin from Alumilite. If you have any questions at all I would be honored to help. Checkout my youtube under “KnotsAndFibers RingCo”. Im also on instagram as @knotsandfibersringco and also my second page @knotsandfibers where I make all sorts of stuff including resin and wood shave brushes and various woodworking items. i also have etsy pages for both of those accounts by the same names. Have a look at my Instagram to see what im doing with rings, wood and resin. I have been making rings for a few years now and aside from wood rings, I make resin rings, resin ring blanks and most popularly, my comic book rings that I make from vintage comic books and they are finished with UV Resin as well. Because of UV Resin, I naturally found my way into resin casting and wood stabilizing more recently (thanks for all your knowledge btw! You two have by far taught me the most about this stuff). Again, feel free to ask any questions. Like you guys, I love to share my knowledge so others can learn without the headache. Thanks for your time! -Mike Navarre

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